Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jenga; For manual dexterity.

Well here comes another toy to our home, The jenga blocks. This was in my list for a very long time. At last we got it last week. Since then it is a war between people at home to participate to build (actually to destroy) the tower and challenge the opponent to exhibit their manual dexterity.

This image shown here is one such tower we (me and my wife) created and we couldn't go any further as we felt that's the maximum it can hold. The structure was about to fall so I took the chance to get a image of it.

In the meanwhile, my son was so anxious to pull some block for his part and succeeded in doing that, leading to his victory dance which in turn brought down the tower.

But this didn't end his curiosity, instead of building a tower he started to build objects of his own choice. The image shown below was done in minutes, he was enjoying building them.

Anyway if it feeds kids' creative thirst, then any toy is a success story. I believe this is a good one you can get for your family too.

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