Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nagesh: The Legend

Making others happy is a boon to anyone in this whole world. It is not often we can see a human dedicate his life to make people happy and succeed. OUR NAGESH, a legend of Tamizh Cinema has completed his run in this world and took the eternal rest on January 31, 2009. His journey has made more than four generations to feel good, he was not only a comedian, but a great actor who knew his audience.

His variety in characterization and delivering the dialogs along with an impeccable body language were classic. At times it may look like he doesn't want anybody to reproduce his act, such was his dedicated performance.

His feats canopy all his personal life turmoils, and poised a great smile and ensured that the viewers had one too. We never knew how Tharumi looked like, but we know Nagesh. The monologues of a poverty struck poet: Tharumi in Thiruvilayaadal, Aspiring Movie Maker in Kathalikka Neramillai, a mourning Father in Nammavar. It seems he never knew how to stop acting and amuse people, he even portrayed as a corp with a smiling face the entire movie. At his age that was a mammoth task, yet he did it, such is his legend.

After witnessing all these accomplishments, how can we mourn his absence. The most comprehensive thing to do is to Celebrate the life of Mr. Nagesh, for he lived his life to make us smile and be happy...


Senbala said...


Today I was explaining other colleagues here (in US) about his performance as Tharumi in Thiruvilaiyaadal, which cann't be matched or replicated.

A LEGEND machan

Sheeja said...

It is wonderful to read such pleasant thoughts of yours.It sounds like you have a wonderful wife. “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.” Congratulations!!