Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fuel Price Hike, what's the alternative?

The natural resources of our precious planet is running out. It is us to blame and we face the consequence may it be global warming or fuel price hike. As its been said 'necessity is the mother of invention", we now go for the next possible solution. Technology is a bit catalytic towards the evolution of man in a way. Our quest for a solution is always aided by the power of technology.

Nanotechnology is one among the astonishing accomplishment in the face of technology. Now alternative energy (I don't know whether I use this term or not) gets 'nanofied'. Researchers have come up with a 'Power Shirt', capable of generating small amount of electricity that can fuel small devices that's carried by soldiers, hikers or for people constantly in motion. Devices like GPS navigators.

(courtesy: science daily. Images shows the magnified view of a zinc oxide nanowire cluster connected to a nanogenerator)

Not only nanotechnology, but bio-mechanical stuffs are also contributing for its share. The image shown beside is a electric generator capable of powering an iPod or a GPS for a walker who wears this knee brace.

Whatsoever new technology may come up with new solutions, it us to use it wisely and conserve the precious energy we poses.

Think about it.

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