Wednesday, March 19, 2008

End of a great Odyssey! a Tribute to sir Arthur C Clarke.

One of the finest human achiever. He has poised himself as a great Author, an Inventor and most amazingly a futurist. His 2001: A Space Odyssey was an exceptional work that blew our minds. His rendition of the fact that the 'man's tools helped him evolve and at the end his tools control him', was kind of a jaw-dropper. His contribution to the scientific community has been inevitable.

I never had a chance to see him in his life time, yet my friend, Petchiappan did, which was almost like me seeing him. Petchiappan and me share similar interests when it comes to all those stuffs Clarke deals. He met Mr. Clarke at his Colombo residence. As he recalls the historic meeting, he described the place was painted SCIENCE, wallpapers depicting the distance to the moon from his staircase, Posters of "THE STAR CHILD" form space odyssey and a forest of books. The snaps he took with him and couple of others stuffs there will cherish the memory of The Great Soul.

I was personally overwhelmed with Clarke's association with Stanley Kubrick. This dynamic duo rendered the words into celluloid and made a revolution in the movie media too. Though I have not read the book I have seen and amazed, 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Discovery Channel once aired a program which was hosted and concieved by Mr. Clarke was always a topic my friends took to discuss (actually amaze!) most of the times.

To conclude, not in a sad note, yet I would say, 'A great soul has taken off for its real Odyssey!

Goodbye Mr. Clarke


Petchi said...

Sir Arthur C Clarke;Inspiring author, Met him on 2004. He was kind enough to share his views on his works. He claimed his work on " The Wireless World " as great idea. One visiting his place can find interesting directing boards for Moon, Mars indicating distance from his staircase. Beautiful posters of Space Odyssey will inspire any one on fiction subject.

“We confused on other number systems unless Indians found Zero” – Was one among his words in short meeting.

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