Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Primates Plan Like People!

For most of us, primates are mere monkeys to our eyes. The truth is we might look as one to their eyes, may be.

Through the time, enthusiasts have made studies that has moved us so hard that we find it difficult to believe the fact that Chimps do that thinking and has a great cognition. Once I saw a documentary in National Geography Channel, it was about the Chimps and its way of life in the wild. One among the amazing facts was that they organize crime. WHAT?! Organize Crime!... Yeah Buddy! They have it like us... The Instinct. Phew!

Now Studies have a proven theory that they also plan for their future! (give me a break!). The Lund University Cognitive Science had this study undertaken. Previously many studies (by others) have a theory that Chimps use tools. Well that is some kind of sign that they can plan. But the latest studies is mind blowing, how can they plan for their future? I still wonder, what could have been their plans. Unlike human counterparts they might not have plans for their next SUVs and grand mansion, don't tell me!

What so ever, it is clear that there are things in existence that we refuse to believe and can make us feel worthless of ourselves. Some facts - Chimps have almost 96% same human genes, HIV originated with monkeys - not Chimps, they are team players, selfless helpers and what not.

Lets go scratch ourselves!

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