Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

paraskevidekatriaphobia as its been termed, the fear of Friday the 13th has nothing to do with anything. It is a creepy feeling that something might happen very unlucky and displeasing on this particular day, I bet, it can't be as bad as every other day. cuz, it is a famous day to get frightened off, that makes it special. Freaky stuffs happen to people on any other day, it doesn't bother what day it is, if it wants to smack you, then you get it with a right stroke buddy! PERFECTION is its middle name. So Chill!

Once in my boyhood days I encountered a cyclone, that hit our town. As for as we know for generations we didn't have any cyclones, may be heavy rains. I took my bicycle and rushed to the sea shore to see how it passes the shore (was curious to see the thing that we often hear in the weather reports..). The sea shore is some 700 meters from my house at Tuticorin. The fast wind pushed me back, that was very intense. After reaching the shore I can feel the sharp pain on my face caused by the raindrops. Then I realized that day was a Friday,13th of1993.

Today, by 2:30am, we had a heavy electrical siege at my office. Resulting, a large scale of damage to electrical and electronic instruments, that includes laptops adapters, monitors, Servers and some vital office infrastructures. Now, do I have to fear Friday the 13th or it is just a coincidence? I don't know!

Keeping aside the "numro 13 mania", the folklores, all the superstitions and the coincidence, I guess its weekend and its time to rejoice.

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