Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Ghosts we see, holloween special.

Does Ghost exist? Are they trying to contact us? Are the mediums freak? Well I'm not going to utter a single word to answer those kinda questions. But I would definitely step forward to explain or understand the phenomena. I believe its all in our cranial box.

So let me start with what all concepts are being around this "Ghost" idea. EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) one of the famous entity when it comes to ghost reading, feeling cold (what?) ghost hunters have

something called 'cold spot', apparitions, voices, odor, hallucinations and the list goes like China Wall. Placing these phenomena and analyzing, we constantly missing something that we have to watch. Like its been said we need two hands to clap. So we have one hand, those that I've just tried to list, the other hand is obviously our BRAIN.

The Brain is the most complex body we have ever encountered. Its main functionality is to understand, recognize, calculate, decide, act or react, and repeat all the above. It plays the crucial part in the entire drama. So lets take the phenomenon of odor, we bring an object, say a Rose flower, and take a deep breath, the scent locks itself to the receptors located in our nose and sends signals to the brain. These signals are bio potential (here comes our Hero) our body produce, in simple words electricity our body generates. Bio potential signals are interpreted in one part of the brain and recognized in the another part, and make us to respond, like, making us to say it as a Rose.

A series of bio potential exchange happens in the brain the whole while. When exposed to an EMF for a considerably long time, there is a possibility that our brain kick start a smell process without the initial sniffing of the flower. And the other part of the brain recognizing it as the scent of rose, and the "Fright, flight and fight" area of the brain would alarm an abnormality. The scent of Rose without the rose. And misinterpret as spooky!

Well that was a long story short. It is said Ghost cause an EMF at their presence, may be! But it can also be the other way, a strong EMF causing our brain to see, smell, hear that is not existing. Another explanation to ghosts.

Later in my posts I would talk about how our feeling could reach others... that's another spooky stuff. You can comment or correct to what ever I have said above... You are welcome.


rajasankar said...

Maybe. I think instead of EMF or another actual source, the answer lies in our brain itself.

We see what we want to see.

Shyam said...

yeah, in this case we see what we never want to see... haha

Painting said...

Beautiful thought shyam i agree your words.. Love is not a task but an art :) shyam chanceless...

"Love alter your life" its true..
If you're in love surely life will be beautiful for you..