Friday, January 23, 2009

First Indian To (would be) get an Oscar - A R Rehman

It is not that he is talented but gifted. His love for music (with no condition as any genre) has a vast but vivid meaning. His compositions might have been a little naive to those who love some elderly musicians like Ilayaraja. He never bothered them and made his mark as the one who can break the path and make a new one.

The title of this blog is not just because of that I admire AR Rahmans work but also because I'm watching Oscars since 80's. All the time when some score gets nominated and packs an award, it would have a flavour thats so familiar for the westerners. Last year The award was given to the sound track for a critically acclaimed movie "Once". The song was so simple and emotional. It was that simple you can just hum to someone and the other would recognise it. The same year "Enchanted", a modern day fairy tale, was nominated for its three songs. Guess what... the contemporary got its share of success.

In that regards, I am damn sure Rahman will bag the Oscars. His work on the background score is also so exceptional, it made the movie. I wish he wins the both and for sure he will get them. And thats not going to surprise me.

All the best Rahman.

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