Friday, May 15, 2009

Excercise Your Franchise... if given a chance.

When I was in my schools, this line caught me at my civics class, "Exercise your franchise. Well thats for the responsible citizen and his constitutional rights. I doubt how many had the chance to execute it (either willingly or not) in the recent Election, as they say the 15TH LOK SABHA ELECTION. Does people know that it is the 15th or 75th election. It is the darkness that prevails, you can call it unawareness or corruption or whatever. But the election proved to be all-out feeding frenzy. The cash flow, favoritism, empowerment, election commission and the list keeps on elongating to our fascination.

Coming back to the "Un-given Chance", most of the people I knew didn't vote this time, or they were not given a chance to. Most of their names has been missed in the list of voters. I had the same problem too. Further investigating what could have happened, I found some interesting facts on list preparation. The people deployed for preparing the voters list where send in the hot sun, they were exhausted even before they start the door to door enlisting. Once they reach some residence (in Chennai), they find Tenants, where as the owners of the house might be enlisted. The Answer they get from the tenants are that they don't know about people around the place or about the owners'. This makes their job pretty messy. As a result they can't do any good and either mark them as not found or shifted. This in turn rendered as a big list of voters with no names in the list they have. It was shocking for most of the voters, not finding their names and return after a long wait in the queue under the hectic weather. That disappointment is worse than anything. This kind of victimization has not left the celebrities too. I heard Kamal Hasan was affected too.

I wondered this never happened to any politicians... or did anyone had, mmmm!

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