Monday, May 11, 2009

Moment Unclicked!

Last evening I was all down and felt so lonely, may be I missed the scent of my wife. So to refresh my mind and to give a break to the headache, that I was have the day, I had a long shower and put on fresh, crisp dress and a bottle of plain water went up to the terrace. It took a little while for me to gel into the ambiance. The chirping birds became the background score for the beautiful evening. The gentle breeze that doesn't doze you off was lifting my falling hair on the forehead. I just want to stay still. Nothing in my mind though I was looking around, taking no notice of the details from what I was seeing. I took a sip of the bottled water, well it was good in taste, that stopped me from my vagabondish act. Wow that never tasted so good (its all up in the mind).

Now I was looking into the sky wondering what has made these all happen. Why doesn't the people looking for salvation in the awesome realm of vastity that exhibits the beauty of nature. Slowly I started to think of all the possibilities that mankind has left unnoticed of this goodness. As time pass by I wanted to sit somewhere and continue the gaze. After finding a good spot and made myself comfortable, I noticed there were some people on their terrace too mostly looking at me. Am I the last one to come here? I asked myself. I didn't notice them till then. There was one old lady sitting and watching the setting sun. She was drying her hair in the gentle breeze. And I was able to here the distant clamour of the kids playing on the terrace somewhere near. I said to myself "WOW!".

I called my wife. She talked to me like we were young lovers just found time to talk to each other in the midst of restricted parents. We were so much in love, then it came to her that the light filtering through the door screen was amazing and came out of the room (at her parent's place, she is there with my son for summer) she hurried me to go out to see the sky, unaware of the fact that I was out seeing the same. It was the glorious moment of sharing the same interest, THE BETTER PART.

It was time to go. With a heavy heart and undying love of the company (obviously heavy phone billing), we finished the call. During the call we were able to see the patterns that sparing clouds were making. At one point of time there was a symbol of arrow struck heart in the sky, and no other clouds in the sight. WHAT? come on! It was a savage attempt of the nature to make me think of my wife more that before. That lead to a sleep less night. I was wondering why didn't I take a snap of that cloud. May be I just want to leave it alone, or give them its own privacy like the talk we had. I felt that the moment would be pretty when left UNCLICKED. So was the love.


Sheeja said...

This is very very nice. It looks very nice in writing, I must say. Good job.

Bala said...

Anna, Both the content and the title is nice... The title shows you are writing something that you missed clicking something good... but the content says you are missing anni a lot.

You have narrated your loneliness very nicely. Nice to read. Dont worry Anni would come soon.

Anni vanthathum avangakita escape ahi mottai madi vanthu ethayachum pathi neenga blog podura time nerungiduchu

Shyam said...

one said nallum well siad da!

Thillainatarajan said...

Kannula thanni vachchunden, master. sanga kalathulaye megatha thoothu anupi irukanga. So neenga telephone bill-a yethama megatha thoothu anupunga. Illatti pasalai noi vanthudum.

I remember one advt of Airtel. A busy father who couldnt return to his home at night, talks to his little daughter via phone - they play by virtually connecting stars to get image of some creatures. That game is easy because sky is the same for both of them eventhough they are far apart. :)