Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Fashioned?!

To some, being old fashioned is like becoming socially taboo. But it actually was a happening trend some time back, which was a kick ass thing to do and people followed it for a long time and we call it tradition. I would like to remind these people, who find it too antique to follow, that one fine day, the values they thought was cool will be old fashioned as time passes by. Time is a healer but it eats the glamour. What are they going to say then... I can't wait see their faces.

Good virtues has always it's values buddy!

Have a nice day!


smilinggambler said...

well said... After a few years, we will start saying about the present trend as "naangellam anda kaalathula...." which will be old fashioned then.

Justus said...

"I like the Old camp meeting time and days.... it was were I grew up"
Nice though Shyam... ur blog is wonderful man :)