Monday, August 10, 2009

Panic Kills More Than Pandemic

Swine Flu in Velacherry, Chennai, India. this being the place where I live, Velacherry is under spotlight after the maudlin demise of a 4 year old boy. Nearby schools have been declared holiday in the wake of the outbreak. People are almost in the brink of panic. We can see it in every other person we pass by. Most of them are either parents or hygiene freaks.

Every epidemic has a side effect, but for a pandemic it is going to be an outrage of panic people. The first thing to deal, in this link of situation is to setup access point for people to reach out for help both medical assistance or/and information. Not only the individual but the press and other representatives of any body. Panic kills more than a pandemic, now u Know. Let the wake-up call keep ringing till the Government gets the sense to hear it. They are whom we look out for help or are they the one to be helped. I don't know. God help those in need. Sigh!


Thillainatarajan said...

I could not get the idea of declaring holidays. What a holiday is going to do to the children? Is the Govt. going to test every child for H1N1 in these holidays ? Or will the school authorities going to test the children before allowing to the classrooms while reopening?
If it is individual parents responsibility to check their child's health, then how could one send his healthy child to school believing that all other children in school are tested negative so that only those parents send their child to school?

Shyam said...

I second your notion Thillai. It is up to the individuals. Also checking people at the transportation (like buses, trains and airways) exit points are also useless what if the passengers had got down in an earlier stop. This is, as u said very much an effort from every single person.

Unknown said...

// Panic Kills More Than Pandemic

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