Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09.09.09, 09h 09m

This one moment in a century.

Well, I almost lost this opportunity and thanks to my wife and her timely remainder to this event. It is time to tell something important, then it struck to me, well, the post itself is something... to be there in the moment that's very unique with my beloved and doing what I love to do.We, the animals, are pron to all such petty pleasures to make life interesting and keep going. Giving a positive perspective of the life itself. And making life a beautiful most event of all.

Also the date and time has something to say about the unanimity of the format. At this very moment we look at time the same way universally. Basically I don't believe in time being viewed in a different perspective. As a matter of fact there is nothing called time, like as to say, time is everything; both means the same. what do you say? :)


Evangeline said...

Happy to be in this special day. As u said time is everything, whether we praise it or curse it, time moves on with no care.
Every past times whether happy or sad it will be a pleasant memory.
Every present moment is a precious gift.
Let us face the future with hope and satisfaction.
Happy to be with you in this day too.
Have a great Day.

Js said...

Oh What a time! and Date!!
Probably every day and time is precious and every tmrw is timeless. Anyway, today I have made it to get approval for my PhD title. 09-09-09 ;)

Thillainatarajan said...

Amazing shyam. "Kaalam endre oru ninaivum, katchi endre pala ninaivum"

krishnachaitanya said...

Very bad that i did not know about ur blog all these days ..

Unknown said...

Another Interesting Blog of Yours but i missed to check this blog on 09-09-09 & so i failed to notice the significance of that particular day ,
time & tide waits for none , so lemme wait till my next birth to catch up with 09-09-09(in year-2109 :-)

Anonymous said...

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