Thursday, June 05, 2008

World Environment Day

As we observe this day as World Environment Day, it will be a nice think to do as to talk about the planet we call as home.

Have you seen clouds, I mean stared to look deep into it. I always love to watch them, move and always love see the bright bulky cloud thats behind another dark one at the foreground. They always display the beauty of an exotic fairy wandering in a Fantasy Island or something... wo! too much imagination eh! These clouds are so unique that they are available only in the World in this entire galaxy (of course, as far as we know!). Its for us, only for us. We should be so lucky to have them. accompanying it are the trees, snow cap mountains, glaciers, sea, desert. I should stop piling this as everything is so perfect to be in this world for us.

As an ending note I would like to point a website that talked about the shrinking glaciers in Norway, the fading beauty. It is just the tip of an Iceberg, I meant the issue.

Save our home save our Earth.

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